EMS to exhibit latest FAULHABER releases at this year’s Engineering Design Show

Small and medium-sized DC motor supplier specialist Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) will showcase its comprehensive range of drive systems at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) on October 11 to 12 at the Coventry Building Society Arena.

EMS will be exhibiting a range of DC motors at the show including the latest from leading manufacturers FAULHABER, Nidec and Bühler Motor as well as its own custom drive system design expertise.

Attracting more than 200 exhibitors and over 4,000 visitors per year, EDS stands as an essential knowledge hub that brings together industry experts from across mechanical, electronics and embedded design. Representing the very best of the design engineering world, the show acts as a key platform for discovering and sourcing the latest in product development, services, and innovation.

As the sole distributor for the UK and Ireland for FAULHABER, EMS will be showcasing the latest product releases at the show. This includes the L series of linear actuators, which has been expanded this year with three new additions: the 06L, 08L and 10L.

Designed to offer the high performance within compact dimensions, the robust L series is well-suited for a wide variety of applications, be it robotics, laboratory equipment, or industrial machinery.

Linear actuators within the series are available at a variety of different reduction ratios, allowing engineers to select the most appropriate configuration to fit force or speed operating points as required by the specification. Compatibility with a wide variety of FAULHABER DC motors, as well as 2-pole and 4-pole brushless DC motors ensures engineers have the freedom of choice across the drive system to build a truly superior solution.

The 06L, 08L and 10L linear actuators feature integrated leadscrews, with models available for both standard and high loads. For applications where space is at a premium, such as medical devices or within laboratory automation, these actuators offer a small diameter without a need to compromise on load. The 06L… HL model, for example, offers a continuous axial force up to 25N and a peak static axial force of up to 80 N all from a diameter of just six millimetres.

These actuators complement the larger 22L and 32L models of the L family to provide a truly comprehensive range with a range of screw types, accuracy options and customer specific modifications available to fit the needs of a particular application.

“For more than ten years, EDS has served as a valuable resource for design engineers to network and discuss the latest in design tools and technologies,” said Stewart Goulding, managing director of EMS. “As returning exhibitors, we hope to contribute to the conversation with the latest in DC motor and actuation system development.”

“EDS is a show filled with creativity and ideas, providing us with an ideal platform to demonstrate our high-performance drive system solutions and explore the wide scope of applications made possible by new technological developments. We hope that exhibiting at EDS will allow us to continue building connections across industry and the opportunity to be involved in more pioneering engineering projects.”