Energy absorbing plastic used to create next gen sports helmet

A novel, energy absorbing plastic called Arpro expanded polypropylene has been deployed in the US to create a next generation sports helmet for the National Football League (NFL).

Manufactured by Oxfordshire based firm JSP, Arpro is traditionally used to produce alternative seat cores in the automotive sector, saving weight and reducing CO2 emissions. In this instance, however, Arpro has been used to create a new lightweight helmet that can withstand numerous impacts, which could help prevent serious head injuries. Paul Compton, JSP president and ceo, explained: "Multiple head impacts are a fact of life in American Football and the risk of concussion is a major issue. "A crucial advantage of Arpro is the repeat impact performance available. By using Arpro, the helmet can withstand these stresses and retain excellent energy absorption." It is hoped that Arpro will eventually be widely adopted throughout the NFL, before progressing to collegiate and high school level.