ETL Systems team of engineers battle-it-out in classic robot wars tournament

ETL Systems, a global manufacturer and distributor of critical RF equipment for satellite ground stations and RF components, gave its team of engineers a blast from the past with an exciting Robot Wars tournament.

Based on the original 1998 hit TV series on BBC, the team had the exclusive opportunity to battle against one another using famous fighting robots, Matilda and Sir Killalot, in a fully equipped Robot Wars arena mockup.The event was hosted by Team Tactics, who have worked in partnership with Robo Challenge for over 20 years and are well-versed in the art of robot fighting.Commissioned by ETL, the Robot Wars tournament formed the team-building element of its first-ever annual Engineering Convention.The conference aimed to bring together the whole ETL team, outside their usual work environment, to expand on their knowledge and consisted of peer-to-peer presentations, an after-dinner talk with Satellite Innovation Group's executive, Martin Coleman, and the Robot Wars team building challenge.Commenting on ETL's engineering conference, Seth Allen, electronics team leader at ETL, said:"Robot Wars has inspired a generation of engineers, and with that, much of our team were delighted to have the opportunity to put their expertise to the test in an exciting tournament."Our first ETL Engineering Conference was a fantastic opportunity for us to sit-down with each other and recognise all the amazing achievements during 2023."