Exova increases aerospace testing capabilities in US and UK

Exova has expanded its testing capabilities in the aerospace sector with a series of upgrades at its laboratories in Anaheim, California and Lancaster, UK.

In Anaheim, Exova is expanding its services in high temperature fatigue and creep testing. With the acquisition of eight fatigue load frames, the company will carry out proprietary testing of ceramic based composite materials at temperatures up to 1315°C.

Testing will involve ceramic matrix composite (CMC) specimens to evaluate new materials for future use in aerospace and defence applications.

The Lancaster laboratory has also made investments to increase its CMC fatigue and creep testing capabilities and capacity, installing 24 bespoke testing frames. Part of this investment also included digital image correlation that provides highly detailed videos of the strains produced in the various bespoke specimen designs during testing.

Stuart Abbs, Exova’s managing director, aerospace, said: “Our work provides customers with valuable data to inform R&D programmes, as well as offering more sophisticated testing for existing materials.”