Festo unveils ready-to-install pneumatic valve terminal

Automation specialist Festo has launched a new universal valve device with a number of electrical connection options, offering machine builders and end users greater flexibility for ease of control and installation.

Designed for use in food, beverage, packing, electronics, semiconductor and light assembly industries, the VTUG multipin pneumatic valve terminal is said to give excellent performance with a high flow rate and high pressure for its size. It is connected and controlled via D sub or ribbon cable connectors for easy connection and simple system integration. Festo says it can be easily swapped out for an iport connector, allowing connection to the industry standard IO-Link network as well as many fieldbus and industrial Ethernet protocols. The valve terminal is also available with various pneumatic working port connection options, including semi-inline and sub-base options, as well as a sub-base solution with working ports underneath, making it suitable for control cabinet installation as the manifold itself forms part of the cabinet. "The VTUG is one of the most economic, reliable and simplest to use universal valve terminals, with a long service life," said Jacqui Hanbury, product manager at Festo. "It is pre-built and tested before being delivered, so it arrives ready to plug in, which means it is exceptionally easy to install, therefore saving time and reducing errors and risk of air leakage associated with having to build a terminal from separate parts."