Host of attractions announced two weeks ahead of Engineering Design Show

With less than two weeks before doors open for the 2021 Engineering Design Show, a whole raft of visitor features and attractions has been announced.

Scaled will bring its first 3D driving vehicle created under Project Chameleon. The vehicle was designed and manufactured in just a few months, with the chassis completely 3D printed. Like the reptile it is named after, which adapts its colour to match the surroundings, the Chameleon Platform makes vehicles specifically adapted to their environment. The customer specifies their requirements and receives a vehicle designed to efficiently meet its task.

AMAP (The Institute for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice) will be showcasing the Nissan Leaf. Produced in Sunderland, this is the world's bestselling 100% zero-emissions, electric car and the half cross-section model will be on display at the show.

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