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igus extends four-year warranty to thousands of products

Billions of test cycles in the company’s in-house laboratory means igus can extend its industry-leading four-year warranty for all products that can be calculated in terms of service life.

First, chainflex cables offered the four-year warranty: and now igus is now offering this extended warranty for all products with an igus service life calculation. Customers benefit from long-term investment security and guaranteed reliable service. Motion plastics with a longer service life conserves material and carbon and improves sustainability in the plastics industry.

Such a warranty on so many products is unparalleled in the industry: the vast majority of the motion plastics products manufactured by igus have a service life calculation available online. Customers will benefit from the warranty on energy chains and chainflex cables, drylin linear slides, drive technology, dryspin thread technology as well as components such as plain bearings or semi-finished products made of the company's own iglidur materials. The warranty portfolio is completed by the xiros ball bearings, igubal spherical bearings, gears, slewing ring bearings and the 3D printed components created in the online configurator "iglidur Designer".

The exceptional warranty is made possible by the 3,800m2 test laboratory at the company's headquarters in Cologne, Germany. Here, igus subjects products to thousands of application-specific long-term and endurance tests – over 15,000 tests per year. All the test results flow into the online service life calculators, which are used to calculate how long a component will typically last in an application. When enough reliable data was assembled from these calculators, igus was able to introduce of a comprehensive four-year warranty on its product portfolio.


"The long warranty allows our customers to design their individual application perfectly and to always choose the most cost-effective product that works for the application," explains Matthew Aldridge, Managing Director at igus UK.

Last year, igus extended the warranty of chainflex cables to four years, and less than a year later the majority of other igus products will follow. The new warranty applies up to four years from delivery or for the individually calculated number of double strokes or lifetime hours per product – whichever comes first.

More safety and sustainability
igus has always been committed to providing its customers with long-lasting solutions with low maintenance or service costs. "Long service life increases the customer's resource efficiency, saves money and cuts resources, which is important for a more sustainable company," says Matthew Aldridge. With this long guarantee, the plastics specialist offers its customers operational reliability as well as greater sustainability and resource-saving management in industry – potentially helping its customers to lower their carbon footprint.