Industrial encoders have both incremental and absolute outputs

McLennan has unveiled a new range of ruggedised shaft encoders which provide a dual electrical output with two incremental outputs or combined incremental and absolute outputs.

The Leine & Linde RSD525 series offers options of TTL, HTL or RS422 incremental output and single or and multi-turn absolute SSI output to 25bits. The absolute encoder is available with a preset zero position or the datum reference can be set from an input, or a pushbutton fitted to the case of the encoder. The dual encoders are typically used where both absolute high precision angular position and incremental speed is required in the same motion control application, but where space constraints or cost and convenience prescribes the choice of a combination encoder device. The encoders feature a durable construction with IP67 ingress protection (IP66 for the shaft inlet) and high resilience to shock and vibration. Operating temperature is rated between 40 and 70ºC.