Large scale functionalisation of graphene for commercial applications

Haydale and Versarien plc have announced a collaboration in which they will work together to create solutions for the manufacturing and functionalisation of graphene on a large scale suitable for mass produced commercial applications.

"We will be collaborating in order to ensure that we minimise the time it takes us to commercialise this technology, playing to the strengths of both organisations," Neill Ricketts, ceo of Versarien, said. "By working together we will be able to offer a complete supply chain from raw material, through graphene production to functionalisation depending on the customer application."

Both companies expect to share resources to maximise the exposure and utilisation of the expertise of both organisations, which operate in different areas. Versarien's subsidiary 2-D Tech will supply high quality graphene platelets for functionalisation using Haydale's proprietary technology. Haydale will also supply high quality sustainable graphite for use as feedstock by 2-D Tech and evaluate the resulting material.

Ray Gibbs, Haydale chief executive said: "The 2-D Tech material has strong potential for a number of markets where we are focused, especially in the composites and coatings sectors. We look forward to working closely with the Versarien team in collaborative ventures at both a commercial and R&D level."