Last call for ABB’s $300,000 research grant

The ABB Research Award in Honour of Hubertus von Gruenberg will give outstanding postdocs the opportunity to continue their research. The ABB Research Award offers a $300,000 grant for postdoctoral research that makes creative use of software, electronics and/or new materials, to pave the way for groundbreaking industrial solutions.

“As technology advancements and environmental concerns accelerate the need for innovation also increases,” said Bazmi Husain, ABB’s chief technology officer. “Our current R&D efforts focus on the next stage of the industrial revolution and on how to address climate change along our value chain in power and automation. Through reaching out to talented young innovators, the ABB Research Award enables us to complement these efforts.”

ABB says it invests $1.5billion annually in R&D, collaborating with universities and research institutions around the world in a wide range of disciplines, such as materials science, software, power electronics and electromagnetics, to develop long-term disruptive technologies as well as mid- to short-term evolutionary innovations for existing products and services.

The award is open to PhD graduates from any university or research institution specialising in research in power or automation. The award is being presented for the first time this year. Subsequent awards will be given out every three years.

The deadline for applications is January 31, 2016.