Lightweight concrete utilises glass fibre composite

A new type of concrete reinforced with glass fibre composite has been developed by materials manufacturer Sabic Innovative Plastics.

The lightweight concrete is being offered as an alternative to traditional steel forms and is said to reduce weight by 40%, cut cycle times from three hours to just a few minutes and help to reduce overall construction costs. Sabic's LNP Verton structural composite forms are used to mould concrete panels for houses and, according to the comapny, provide exceptional mechanical performance, excellent dimensional stability and the strength and resistance to humidity needed for demanding concrete work. The fabrication of traditional metal forms requires assembly of as many as 30 different components and can take up to three hours. James LeGacy, general manager (Americas) at Sabic Innovative Plastics, said: "Replacing metal forms with our LNP Verton [long glass fibre] compound material is a major step forward in building and construction because it addresses top industry demands for better materials, greater speed, lower costs and improved ease of use."