Make it in Great Britain exhibition launched

Business Secretary Vince Cable has today opened a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London to demonstrate to young people the rewarding career opportunities available in British manufacturing.

The exhibition is the culmination of the government's Make it in Great Britain campaign and will feature a mix of displays from 39 businesses, including iconic names such as McLaren, Mars, BAE and Rolls Royce. The campaign was launched last year to change outdated perceptions of manufacturing and dispel the myth that the UK 'doesn't make anything anymore'. "Generating £137billion each year and employing 2.5million people, manufacturing is a vital part of the UK's economy," said Cable. "Perceptions of the industry are outdated and need to change if we are going to attract the talent needed to support manufacturing in the long term. Both government and industry have a role to play, which is why we launched the Make it in Great Britain campaign and are hosting this exhibition." Cable also used his opening speech to hit out at 'very disappointing' bank lending to SME manufacturers. "The medium-sized companies are struggling and the banks are not helping, particularly with exports," he noted. "There's no point disguising the fact that if you talk to all these guys they'll tell you they can't get banks to lend to them." The exhibition launch was also attended by Business Minister Mark Prisk. He commented: "I'm delighted to launch this exhibition, as it will showcase some of the exciting great innovations of today. There is a range of rewarding career opportunities available, requiring advanced skills and expertise. I would encourage people to come along to the exhibition and see first hand what manufacturing can offer them."