Northern Powerhouse Minister launches Peel’s flagship £700m Protos scheme

Government Minister Andrew Percy MP has officially opened Peel Environmental’s £700million flagship energy destination, Protos.Cutting the ribbon on the 134-acre strategic development site near Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, he recognised Protos as being at the heart of the north’s emerging industrial strategy.

“The energy sector is pivotal to our Industrial Strategy, ensuring the country has the infrastructure it needs to support economic growth long into the future,” said Percy. “So I’m delighted to launch the new Protos Energy Hub, right at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, which will help create skilled jobs and attract significant investment for the region.”

Protos is the only energy-focused development in the Government’s recently-unveiled Northern Powerhouse Investment Opportunities Portfolio, which will attract £5billon of investment across 13 projects. Focused on energy, industry and innovation, the site is set to become a magnet for international investment. With Phase One infrastructure completed; a 21.5MW biomass facility in construction; a 19-turbine wind farm in operation and with plots ‘shovel-ready’ for development - Protos is open for business.

Percy praised the £170m investment already secured in the site and championed a further £500m planned to commence in 2017 and be delivered over the next three to four years.He also welcomed the site’s long-term potential to bring £1.5bn of investment and 13,000 jobs to the region.

Peel’s approach to partnership was also highlighted, with links to educational institutions helping maximise opportunities to nurture and retain skilled workers and innovative start-ups in the north.

Myles Kitcher, managing director at Protos, said: “Protos is a game-changer for the region and we are proud to be at the heart of energising the north’s industrial strategy. As a hub for energy generators and industry, we’re already showing how Protos can be a regional and national centre of excellence that will drive growth and attract international investment.”