Objet debuts ‘ultimate’ desktop 3D printer

Described as the 'ultimate' rapid prototyping solution for designers and engineers, Objet's new Objet30 Pro is being touted as the most versatile and professional in-house desktop 3D printer in the industry.

Offering no less than seven different materials, including for the first time on a desktop system a clear transparent material and a high temperature resistant material, the Objet30 Pro is targeted at industries such as consumer goods, consumer electronics, medical devices and design consultancies. "The Objet30 Pro is the next evolution in desktop 3D printers developed specifically for professional users," said Objet's ceo David Reis. "This desktop 3D printer provides outstanding print quality with a choice of seven materials that until now could only be found in much larger, high end 3D printers. The Objet30 Pro is the perfect combination of professional, versatile in-house 3D printing at an attractive price point." Features of the new device include a small footprint, professional 28 micron print quality and wide ranging material versatility. It has a build tray size of 300 x 200 x 150mm, making it suitable for printing various sized and shaped models or multiple models on the same build tray at the same time. One of the seven materials the printer can use is a heat resistant, transparent material called Objet VeroClear, which is intended for static functional testing. A propylene-like white material for simulated snap together parts called Objet durusWhite is also available, alongside four other rigid, opaque materials that come in black, white, blue and grey colours.