Onshape launches commercial release and app store

Onshape has launched a full commercial release of its design system that works in any web browser, run entirely from the cloud. 10,000 users in 150 countries clocked up 400,000 hours during its beta test creating 4million modelling features, importing 390,000 CAD files and creating 325,000 STL files for 3D printing.

Onshape CEO, John McEleney said: “Although we have much hard work ahead of us, I am extremely excited about how our customers continue to react to the improvements we make to Onshape every few weeks.”

Included in the full release of the Onshape design system is the ability for multiple users to edit the same project simultaneously without crashing or locking the other designers out. Also, designers always have the latest updates simply by refreshing their browsers as the software is updated, rather than having to wait for up to a year for updates.

This is all achievable due to the fact that the system features a full-cloud architecture which is claimed to virtually eliminated crashes, lost work and bugs.

“During beta Onshape achieved over 99.9% uptime,” said Jon Hirschtick, founder and chairman of Onshape. “When a bug pops up on our software it doesn’t affect all our users because they are working on multiple servers on our fully cloud-based architecture. In fact, we don’t even have a category for crash bugs because it hasn’t been an issue.”

Onshape for Mobile has allowed users to perform full CAD editing and version control on mobile phones and tablets for the first time. One in six Onshape sessions were said to be undertaken on mobile devices, over 50% of Onshape Professional users are claimed to use mobile.

Onshape has also launched the private beta version of the Onshape App Store. Now open to selected customers, designers can browse, try and purchase applications that work directly with their Onshape data, and expand Onshape’s capabilities.

Twenty-four application developers are partnering with Onshape for the private beta launch, with more expected to join over the course of the test. The company plans to open the store to the public early next year. All of the partners endorse Onshape’s ‘freemium’ business model and have either a free version or free trial of their apps.

“Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the widest array of apps possible,” Dave Corcoran, vice president of research and development, said. “Onshape users can decide what level of integration and what application pricing and capabilities are right for them.”