Our latest webinar in association with SOLIDWORKS now OD

Our latest webinar with SOLIDWORKS is now on-demand: Demystifying Simulation – powerful analysis tools for all engineers.

Best practices get best results. The top-performing companies and their design teams make sure they meet cost targets while staying under budget and ahead of deadlines. But how do you do that in a world where your designs have to go from engineers to analysts and back again before you can even prototype?

Simulation software empowers design engineers by indicating how product designs will behave before they are built. By offering powerful, intuitive and accurate 3D engineering solutions for all product engineers.

In this webinar, Solid Solutions, the biggest reseller and service provider of SOLIDWORKS in the UK, will cover both structural simulation along with fluid dynamics, demonstrating how these can work together. Looking at examples from their customers, you will see how they have used these tools to address common challenges in the design process.

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