PTC and Unity collaborate to accelerate augmented reality development with Vuforia

PTC and Unity Technologies have announced that they will work together to integrate the Vuforia AR platform with Unity in order to deliver a seamless development experience to Unity’s global ecosystem.

The Vuforia AR platform uses advanced computer vision technology to enable digital content to be placed in real-world environments. With support for handheld and headworn devices, Vuforia includes easy-to-use workflows, SDKs, and cloud services for Unity and other development tools. It has been adopted by more than 275,000 developers, and powers the majority of AR applications in the App Store and Google Play.

Unity is a global development platform for creating 2D, 3D, VR, and AR games and experiences. With more than 5 billion downloads of Made with Unity mobile games in Q3 alone, Unity is used for more 3D experiences than any other 3D game and experience development software. Today, developers use Unity and Vuforia together to create most of the game, enterprise, and consumer 3D applications available. More than 80% of the 30,000 published Vuforia apps have been made with Unity.

Elliot Solomon, vice president of business development, Unity Technologies, said: “The Vuforia team has done a tremendous job of establishing Vuforia as the de-facto AR platform for Unity developers. We look forward to working with them more closely on our shared mission to bring more creators to AR and accelerate development.”

Tighter integration of Vuforia and Unity is expected to create a streamlined developer experience to allow new AR developers to become proficient faster and existing developers to be more productive. Additionally, improvements to AR application performance are expected through planned optimisations to camera and rendering pipelines.

Jay Wright, president, Vuforia, PTC, added: “AR is amazing to experience, but tricky to develop. Your canvas is no longer a rectangular screen – it’s the physical world. We’re excited to partner with Unity to make that canvas much easier to work with.”