PTC introduces Creo design software

PTC has unveiled Creo design software, which is being designed as a scalable suite of interoperable, open, and easy to use product design apps.

According to PTC, Creo will help remedy lingering, unaddressed problems that have plagued CAD for decades. "Creo is being specifically created to solve the big problems remaining in the mechanical CAD market: usability, interoperability, assembly management and technology lock in," said James Heppelmann, president and ceo at PTC. "By providing the right size product design apps for each participant in a company's extended product development team, Creo will enable more people to participate earlier and more fully in the product development process, significantly expanding innovation capacity." "Historically, companies have made significant investments in CAD applications that bind them into inflexible business processes and design practices dictated by the specific visual authoring or simulation application that they pick. PTC's game changing vision to release a highly flexible CAD application in a new code base, while sticking to existing file formats under the Creo portfolio, is expected to rejuvenate the mature CAD market and open up a path for non-PTC CAD users to move easily on a flexible visual design platform," added Sanjeev Pal, research manager, IDC. Planned apps include AnyMode Modeling, which will provide a multi paradigm design platform, enabling users to design in 2D, 3D direct or 3D parametric. Data created in any mode will be fully accessible and reusable in any other mode, allowing each user to work with their own or another user's data in their paradigm of choice. Other apps include AnyRole Apps, AnyData Adoption and AnyBOM Assembly. More details are available at