Red Bull Racing uses ANSYS simulation software to give them the edge

ANSYS has released ANSYS 17.0, the latest version of its engineering simulation solution, which is claimed to enable improvements in product development, from smart devices to autonomous vehicles to more energy-efficient machines. ANSYS 17.0 is said to be the most feature-rich release to date, delivering 10x greater improvements in productivity, insight and performance.

"Companies are under relentless pressure to create top-line growth and increase savings," said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ANSYS. "Innovation, time to market, operational efficiency and product quality are key factors that contribute to this business success. ANSYS is focused on helping customers improve their critical business metrics and leapfrog the competition by improving their product development process through engineering simulation."

The Red Bull Racing Formula One team uses ANSYS 17.0 to optimise its vehicle design enhancements to give the team a competitive edge on the track.

During a race, aerodynamic design can be a major differentiator to the performance of vehicles on the track. With limited physical testing available, the use of simulation in the aerodynamic design of the vehicle is vital. ANSYS' computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and high-performance computing (HPC) software enables Red Bull Racing to simulate air flows around its vehicle designs under a range of conditions. This enables the team to assess, select and optimise designs for aero-critical components and assemblies, such as braking, cooling and exhaust systems.

"Our partnership with ANSYS has always equipped us with exceptional simulation capabilities, which have allowed us to design and develop our cars more quickly, efficiently and intelligently," said Nathan Sykes, head of numerical tools and technologies, Red Bull Racing and Technology. "The ANSYS 17.0 fluids suite has been used extensively in the design of our 2016 challenger, the RB12, allowing us to conduct critical CFD analysis and make design decisions faster than ever before."

As well as Formula One, ANSYS 17.0 is also being used by WEG to calculate electromagnetic field simulation in electric motor design and Hyperloop Technologies to design how its concept for commuter transport at close to the speed of sound will work safely and reliably.