Rolls-Royce wins order for ‘Enviroship’ concept

Rolls-Royce has received its first order for vessels based on its award winning Environship concept.

The global power systems specialist will design and provide integrated power and propulsion systems for two technologically advanced cargo vessels, which have been purchased by Norwegian transportation company, Nor Lines AS. The firm's Environship concept, which won the 'Next Generation Ship Award' in May this year, incorporates a wave piercing bow, gas powered engine and an innovative Promas propulsion system which is said to increase fuel efficiency by up to 18%. According to Rolls-Royce, it also provides numerous environmental benefits, including the virtual elimination of SOx and reduction of CO2 emissions by more than 40% compared to similar conventional vessels. Oddbjørn Eliassen, Rolls-Royce's president, said: "The Environship concept is a transformational development for merchant shipping, offering significant reductions in fuel burn and emissions, as well as enhanced performance at sea. This order demonstrates that customers are embracing more environmentally friendly ship designs and technology." The two Rolls-Royce NVC 405 cargo vessels will be built at the Tsuji Heavy Industries ship yard in Jiangsu, China. The vessels will enter service from October 2013, operating along the West Coast of Norway.