Simple savings on screen

Energy savings calculation can be a pain and may, in some cases be the primary cause for companies not adapting more efficient technology

. To make the process easier, Brook Crompton has created an on-line energy saving calculator combined with a module that will allow the easy calculations of enhanced capital allowances (ECA). With the energy calculator, all you have to do is insert the technical specifications of your machine's motors into a table and click on the 'go' icon. This will automatically calculate your total cost of electricity usage relating to motors. It will also display potential energy savings, in terms of cost, achievable by installing higher efficiency motors. The tax saving calculator is just as easy to use, requiring simple yes/no answers to a few straightforward questions. Within moments you can have a detailed breakdown stating the value of Enhanced Capital Allowance that can be claimed to the benefit of your bottom line. The site also presents a regular energy efficiency update. MF