Sine wave disk pumps delicate objects

Following its acquisition of the German company Maso Process Pumpen, Watson-Marlow is now offering its customers a unique way of pumping delicate fluids using a sine waved shape plate in direct contact with the liquid.

The plate in the MasoSine pump rotates about its centre so as to impose almost no shear to the fluid being pumped. Pumping action is ensured by a scraper plate that the disk engages with, the plate pulling the scraper back and forth as the sine wave passes through it. The use of only one rotor, one shaft and one seal reduces maintenance requirements and costs. Flow rates are up to 10m3/hour and delivery pressures are up to 15bar. According to Watson-Marlow the pumps are easy to strip and clean and have allowed the company to offer higher flow rate ranges and the ability to handle higher viscosities than is possible with the peristaltic pumps with which the firm has hitherto been associated.