Small bore meter measures all flows with ultrasound

A new, low cost, small bore flowmeter uses ultrasound to measure flows over a 200:1 range to an accuracy better than +/- 1.5%.

Developed with Cranfield University, Titan Enterprises' 'Atrato' meter copes with flows that are both laminar and turbulent by comparing signal time of flight both with and against the flow. It uses fully symmetrical, concentric signals to achieve its accuracy and has a USB interface. Titan's founder, Trevor Foster commented that, "The USB connection permits the user to monitor the rate and total on their laptop in addition to operating parameters such as pulse resolution units. At a later date, data logging and operation statistics will also be possible." Professor Mike Sanderson, Emeritus Professor of Fluid Instrumentation, Cranfield University said: "The Atrato's unique clean bore construction makes it ideal for hygienic applications. The use of low frequency ultrasound and advanced signal processing to interrogate the flow ensures that the flowmeter provides high accuracy over a wide turndown range. In addition the technology developed for the Atrato has the flexibility to provide the basis of a family of flowmeters suitable for an even wider range of flows and applications." The new meter will be launched on stand 1454 at this year's Mtec UK show at the NEC on April 27th 2010.