Sticking to the task

A patented epoxy adhesive achieves peel strengths on composite and aluminium substrates superior to any other adhesive in its class

Adhesive bonds have traditionally been strong in shear but weak in peel strength; many designers and engineers have found this feature limits their use when joining composite or aluminium structures. In answer to this problem Permabond has developed E3334. It has excellent flow characteristics, making it ideal for bonding sheets of dissimilar materials to form composite laminates. Its high peel strength allows the laminates to be pressed and formed after bonding without degradation of the bond. It is a two component adhesive which cures at room temperature enabling large structures to be bonded. External heating may be used to accelerate cure time for faster production of smaller items. Typical applications include the manufacture of composites for truck, bus, marine and commercial airline interiors as well as numerous specialist construction and assembly applications where high peel strength is critical. MF