Technology leader to speak at Innovation Conference

Paul John, technology manager of e2v Technologies, will explain how innovation drives his company

The company whose technology was recently used to photograph the planet Mercury will take part in next month’s Innovation Conference. The conference is organised by Cranfield School of management and the magazines Eureka and New Electronics. Paul John, technology director of e2v, will talk about innovation within a high technology company, explaining how e2v innovates and how it pays for innovation – along with examples of successful innovation. The company’s charge coupled device (CCD) image sensors were fitted to Nasa’s Messenger spacecraft, and captured more than 1200 images of Mercury’s surface during a recent flyby. Innovation strategy will also be covered by Allyson Reed of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) – the organisation that will implement the Government’s innovation policy. Her presentation, ‘Innovating for UK plc’, will explain how delegates can become more innovative – in the wake of the Government’s recently published White Paper on innovation. The Innovation Conference is organsed by Cranfield School of Management, and the magazines Eureka and New Electronics. More information on the Innovation Conference programme can be found at