TG0 patently set for success in automotive, gaming, and metaverse worlds

TG0 announces the latest in its line of approved patent applications. Its fourth patent – lightweight, wearable, finger-tracking VR controller and device – has been granted in the UK.

TG0’s ‘Sensor Device and Method’ patent application has already been granted by Great Britain’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) as well as in the EU, Japan, and China. 

This invention forms the keystone of the tech company’s designs, covering, in particular, TG0’s sensor device in the form of a three-dimensional tactile interface. Tactile sensors provide a way of obtaining information via physical interaction with the sensor and are commonly used in applications such as mobile and computing devices, robotics, and control systems. 

TG0’s unique technology strides over conventional obstacles – including issues such as cumbersome construction techniques, limits on the sensing area available, and difficulties in translating the force applied on the three-dimensional surface through the intervening soft, resilient material to the sensor(s), which can lead to inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

Consequently, TG0’s capability invites the use of enormously accurate and hugely flexible touch-sensitive 3D intuitive controls in numerous areas of design and technology. The London company partnered with Novares on the Nova Car project, which demonstrated ‘squeeze command’, TG0’s touch and pressure-sensing control buttons, a vital aspect of the car interior’s high-definition haptic feedback platform for HMI (human-machine interfaces). TG0 continues to work with partners in the automotive space, including operating in confidence with a number of today’s stellar car brands. 

Sports and health-related products also form a significant part of TG0’s roadmap. Here, the ability to incorporate touch and pressure sensitivity into passive objects is critical. Uniform, mouldable material replaces all sensors and mechanical parts, delivering waterproof and dustproof human-machine interfaces. And thanks to the power of its intellectual property, the sensors of these TG0-powered designs range in size from a fingernail to a tabletop, meaning hugely increased flexibility for product designers. 

TG0’s latest patent marks a further stage on the TG0 journey. For those needing to build ergonomic 3D Touch control surfaces, including challenging projects requiring sensors to be formed in miniature, large, heat-resistant, waterproof, or recyclable forms, TG0 offers the way forward. The UK company continues to take its tech to the global market, and its senior leadership team is available for interviews and profiles.