The world’s strongest and most adaptable material

The makers of Braeön (pronounced “brawn”) say it’s plastic composite material is a lighter, more versatile alternative to rope of metal while exhibiting the most beneficial features of both. Boasting a tensile strength of over 900kg, a 100ft length of the composite ribbon weighs less than 0.5kg.

Braeön molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds. To do this, the length of ribbon required simply needs to be heated to at least 60°C then shaped to fit whatever it is needed for. After it has set and cooled it fuses to itself to form a super strong bond.

The thin fibre has a wide variety of uses from repairing sports equipment and making customer grips for tools to making a splint for a broken finger. On the company’s YouTube channel, it is even shown being used to winch a boat, tow a tree and as a replacement chain link to lift a massive cement block.

If users need to remould or tweak their creations, all they must do is reheat Braeön and mould it to fit their new needs.

The company believes in the product so much that it’s encouraging people to participate in the Braeön Strong Challenge. It will send two loops of Braeön material to participants who will then try to break the loop without heat, mechanical help or altering the material. Film the experience and send the results back to Braeön for the chance to win a Braeön Strong Prize Pack.