UK fuel cell technology could lead the way

The UK fuel cell technology industry can become a significant player in the world fuel cell market according to a report published by the DTI and Carbon Trust

today. Mark Fletcher reports. The Fuel Cells Market Study, finds that, given the right investment, the UK industry can play a part in the global commercial breakthrough in fuel cell technology. Fuel cell technologies have the long term potential to make a major breakthrough on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy in the UK. The report argues for an industry forum to be set up to develop a 'vision' for fuel cells in the UK. The aim would be to raise the profile of the fuel cells sector and help to create the right conditions for investment. It would act as a central liaison point for producers, government and academia. Brian Wilson, DTI Minister for Energy and Construction said: "Fuel cells offer zero emissions of pollutants at the point of use. In the long term they will also offer zero carbon emissions as sources of renewables-generated hydrogen become available. "This report shows that the opportunity now exists to stimulate the development of a fuel cells market and industry in the UK. In particular, Government, industry and academia need to work together to establish a UK Fuel Cells strategy." The report was commissioned from E4Tech to improve understanding of the importance of the commercial sector in a field that is still in the early stages of development and which had been dominated by technology. It sets out a framework for how Government and business can work together to stimulate investment in low carbon technologies. MF A copy of the report is available to view on the websites of the Carbon Trust or the DTI.