Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Components - The Metallurgical Perspective


Join Lucideon, the materials technology company, for the first in a series of free webinars on Additive Manufacturing.

Presented by Julius Bonini, P.E., engineering manager at Lucideon, the webinar will cover:

Introduction to Metal Additive Manufacturing:

•Various Methods and Equipment

•E Beam vs. Laser Melting Methods

•Powder Bed vs Deposition Methods

•Available Metal Systems.

Metallurgical Aspects of the Three Stages of AM Processing:

•Pre-Processing: Powder Issues

•Processing: Issues with Powder Fusion

•Post-Processing: Heat Treatment, Surface Treatments and HIPing.

Typical Component Applications:

•Advantages and Disadvantages

•Comparison of Microstructures to Conventional Fabrication Methods

•General Metallurgical Problems Seen.

Available Standards:

•Currently Limited but Growing


•Validation & Testing.

Future Trends:

•Continuing Development & Research.

Who should register?

Manufacturers who:

•are looking to increase productivity of their AM process

•are experiencing problems with AM

•want to optimise processing and performance

•want to develop the next generation of products using AM

•want to implement AM into their manufacturing processes.

To register, click here.