Developing a Sustainable PLM Strategy - A CIMdata Complimentary Webinar


As with other major enterprise business initiatives, product lifecycle management (PLM) needs to be built on a solid foundation of business justification as well as set of strategy elements that have been designed to evolve as the business evolves.

The implementation of PLM has been described as performing open heart surgery on a person while they run a marathon. This is because PLM is at the core of the company—it is responsible for the creation, use, management, and dissemination of the company’s product related intellectual assets—a non-trivial set of responsibilities. It is also because PLM cuts across all the enterprise’s departments and often includes development partners, suppliers, and customers. All this requires a company’s PLM strategy to be robust and flexible. PLM is not something you implement overnight and as result, what you define today may not be appropriate tomorrow.

This webinar will address the evolving nature of a typical enterprise and how PLM strategies should be defined and implemented in a sustainable manner—one that naturally addresses change.

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