Energy Management For Plastic Processors

21st September, Fir Grove Hotel, Warrington

In October 2008 the British Plastics Federation established a Climate Change Agreement for the Plastics Sector. So far 267 sites have signed up for this agreement, allowing them to claim back up to 80% on their Climate Change Agreement and save tens of millions of pounds. Companies taking part in the CCA need to meet various obligations including demonstrating that they have seen a reduction in energy consumption of 12% between 2006-2010. As with most industries, controlling costs is critical to sustainability and profitability; however, energy costs can be controlled and often reduced, by implementing measures that do not require significant investment. Energy efficiency offers short- and long-term benefits including major opportunities to strengthen the bottom line. This seminar is focused on giving you the tools to reduce your energy bill. It is your opportunity to hear the views of the UK's leading experts on energy and energy management in the plastics industry.