How to Solve Friction, Wear and Lubrication Problems

This event will provide delegates with some basic knowledge of tribology including the areas of wear, lubrication, contact mechanics and friction. This will enable them to solve simple tribological problems quickly or at least know how to go about solving them and where to go for help.

The event will provide delegates with technical knowledge of: * a wear analysis process * the basics of wear, lubrication, contact mechanics and friction needed to work through this process * guidance on how to examine worn surfaces and diagnose wear or lubrication problems * how to specify/run wear tests to study component wear or rank material performance * how to carry out simple wear modelling * state-of-the art solutions to reducing wear (coatings, surface treatments etc.) This will be backed up throughout with real examples relevant to a range of industries. The Tribology Group Committee's four Tribological Design Guides to Contact Mechanics, Lubrication, Surface Coatings and Wear will also be distributed to delegates that can be disseminated in the delegates company. The Tribology Group Committee will also Run a surgery dealing with current tribological problems delegates may have. Rather than offer immediate solutions this will be aimed at directing delegates to the right person/organisation to help them out. Technical Advantages * The event will provide employers with more expertise within their company of: * tribology – wear, lubrication and contact mechanics * how to diagnose wear and lubrication problems (on existing machinery which can be used to reduce downtime etc. or on products being manufactured) * how to introduce design for reduced wear into a product design process * how to solve problems directly or where to go to find solutions * state-of the art in house knowledge of solutions for reducing wear Who should attend It is anticipated that information published at this event will be beneficial to engineers from many different sectors including: * Power * Process * Transport * Manufacuturing Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities If you have a product or service to promote you can enhance brand awareness through our range of exciting sponsorship / exhibition opportunities. For details of how we can tailor a package to suit your needs, contact Aman Duggal on: telephone: +44 (0)20 7973 1309 email: or complete the online form Location: Douglas Knoop Centre 34 Gell Street Sheffield S3 7QY United Kingdom Book/Register Now