Industry Entrepreneurship Summit 2015


Modern industrial entrepreneurs are supported by global brands in more ways than simply supplying equipment or software. For entrepreneurs looking to get the most out of their suppliers, working closely with them can offer access to global knowledge and experience in their field to help new and growing enterprises to be sustainable and competitive. It's also a fast track to being safer and more efficient, resilient, scaleable, and energy efficient, while connecting vital information to enable better decision making.

Join mainstream manufacturing media, key speakers from iMeche and EEF, current and future entrepreneurs – modern industrialists - and global brands to see how Britain continues to play an important role in industrialisation. Keynote speakers will discuss the roles, traits and nature of entrepreneurs, government, the globalisation and democratisation of production, the scope for 3D printing, localisation, energy and the future of small scale manufacturing and production. Whether family founded and owned or a UK facility of a global giant, the rich diversity of UK manufacturing will be showcased in this new, key event.

Bringing together a mix of those who have speculated and succeeded in the 21st century with some of the companies, organisations and investors that make it possible, this inaugural summit is designed to assemble innovators, investors and enablers of the 21st century to recognise and appreciate the very real spirit of British Industrial Entrepreneurship.