Intellectual Property Rights


Most successful businesses, large or small, are built on well managed intangible assets or intellectual property (IP).

Businesses create and use intellectual property all the time, perhaps without realising it. The Value of your IP whether it’s a trade mark, patent, design, copyright or trade secret can far outweigh the value of your physical assets.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) helps businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs understand how IP can create value from their ideas, turning inspiration into sustainable business success.

Attendees will gain a good understanding of different types of IP, what IP they already have and how to protect their assets. Participants on this course will be able to:

•Describe the different types of IP available
•Say what should be covered in an IPA audit
•Explain the benefits of incorporating IP within a business strategy
•Understand better how to use IP when researching a licensee or negotiating licensing agreements
•Discuss IP issues with more knowledge and confidence
•Identify potential IP issues
•Know where and when to seek further advice