Manufacturing Methods of Composites

The drive to reduce costs in manufacturing, maintenance and operations has rapidly increased the use of composites in aircraft structures over a very short timescale. The significant weight reduction offered over metals has made composite parts attractive, as has their increased durability and resistance to fatigue.

The manufacturing of composite parts is constantly advancing and new technologies are being developed; this one-day seminar will discuss novel methods and the materials developed to take these new methods into account. Speakers from industry and academia will provide information on the use of the latest methods used within aerospace, and identify future techniques that are being investigated. Emerging technologies in the aerospace composite industry focus on several areas, including high performance materials, design and manufacturing methods. Talks will cover self-healing composites, recycling of composite materials and parts, out of autoclave technologies, 3D weaving, as well as applications on wings. Speakers include representatives from Airbus, Bombardier, BAE Systems, Milled Carbon and the University of Nottingham. Attending this event will help you: - Be informed of the latest developments in composites manufacture - Assess specific benefits of composite design, illustrated by case studies - Network with key industry players - Identify potential collaborators for future projects Who should attend This event will be of practical use to structural engineers and manufacturers in the aerospace and related industries, interested in materials, manufacturing methods and new processes. It will also benefit academics and university departments, by giving the latest industry thinking on composites development and providing a forum to share and discuss information in their research area.