SIMULIA and the art of the possible


CAD integrated or stand alone, the core benefits, advantages and creativity of physical simulation in the product design cycle are well known. But sometimes it’s worth looking again at familiar subjects to see how the technology has moved on. We look at how beginning with the CATIA V5 Analysis for Designers workbenches through to the full Abaqus toolset, Dassault delivers integrated tools that address all your simulation requirements.

The first part takes you from CATIA design data, to the limits of the V5 based simulation tools, demonstrating how using the right tools in the right way at the right time, you can significantly reduce unnecessary simulation iterations which impact your Stress engineers productivity.

The second part of the webinar will look at how Abaqus can rapidly exploit CATIA data as the basis for a complex simulation that includes plastic deformations, self-contact and collapse, which can be solved in minutes rather than hours.Beyond this we will look at what further can be done with Abaqus and could be called ‘Simulia and the art of the possible’.Abaqus is the world’s leading non-linear simulation engine, however when you couple it to geometry – via CAD or a specialist pre-processor it offers incredible realistic simulations with genuine business benefits.

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