3D Scanners UK celebrate 11 years at the top!

3D Scanners UK is the most experienced 3d scanning bureau in the UK, offering 3d scanning, data processing and inspection services for all your needs. They are also the Master Distributor of Innovmetric PolyWorks Software.<br>
<b>3D Scanners UK</b> give us an insight into the new PolyWorks version 11 and explains why it is the leading point cloud processing software available today…

3D Scanners UK have been supplying reverse engineering solutions to a wide variety of industries for 11 years. Being the UK’s first 3d scanning bureau and the only hardware neutral company in the UK, they provide a 3d scanning consultancy service, working with you to achieve fast project turnaround at an affordable price. 3D Scanners have the largest bureau support team in the UK, offering advice from years of experience in the business. The Bureau offers the following services: 3d Scanning, point cloud processing and meshing, polygon model editing, nurbs surfacing, geometric 3d cad generation from polygon model and part inspection. 3D Scanners UK is the master distributor for Innovmetric PolyWorks software. PolyWorks is a market leading reverse engineering and inspection software which is being used across many industry sectors. 3D Scanners UK use PolyWorks as their number one day to day point cloud processing software. Here are some of the advantages of using this software:

o Meshes very thin objects and parts o Produces polygons that are more accurate than the scanner measurements o Supports very large datasets without point sampling o Most advanced point cloud inspection techniques for alignment, feature extraction & fitting and automation o gives you more smoothness and more accuracy compared to any other software o allows you to easily track the most complex feature lines and quickly outline sets of patches for NURBS surface fitting.

3D Scanners offer PolyWorks training tailored to your requirements in a Hi-Tec dedicated on-site training facility.