ABB’s energy calculator iPhone App

ABB's energy calculator application (App) for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod allows, primarily, end-users to calculate the energy savings they can achieve by installing variable speed drives to control motors.

"Our App makes it simple for customers to calculate the potential savings they can achieve by installing variable speed drives," says Steve Ruddell, ABB's UK energy spokesperson. "By installing a variable speed drive it is possible to reduce your energy spend by up to 70 percent on a single application. The tool is free to download and makes selecting drives according to the needs of the application extremely accessible." Once all the parameters have been applied and the savings worked out, the App displays a picture of the most suitable drive for the user's application. Simply click on the picture on the top half of the screen and a product summary will be displayed. The end-user can then place an enquiry or request more information. The App also allows you to measure savings in different currencies, including Sterling, Euros and US Dollars. To find out more information call 07000 Drives (07000 374837) or and click on the Energy Calculator App link. To download the ABB Energy Calculator App, visit the Apple App store and search for "ABB Energy Calculator".