All you need to know about adhesives

Adhesives are becoming increasingly important in design, manufacture and maintenance. Why? Quite simply, they are easy to use and often perform better than alternative methods of joining and sealing, so the product or system works more efficiently for longer.

Want to know more? Join experts from the LOCTITE® technical team for a series of free seminars starting with Why Adhesives? presented by John Dubber an expert in structural bonding. John will discuss Mechanical Fasteners and Locking Devices, Advantages of Using Adhesives and Customer Case Studies. This topic will be covered on 22nd March 2016. Click here to register.

The programme continues and our technical experts will discuss:

Instant Adhesives:

  • Why use Instant Adhesives?
  • LOCTITE 4090 Hybrid Adhesive
  • Features & Benefits
  • Packaging & Application Methods
  • Applications
  • 23rd February and 5th April 2016 – Click here to register
  • Presenter – Bob Goss, Senior Technology Specialist

Structural Bonding:

  • Joint Design Principles
  • Surface Preparation Fundamentals
  • Technology Overview & Product Highlights
  • Customer Case Studies
  • 15th March 2016 – Click here to register
  • Presenter – John Dubber, Senior Technology Specialist

Engineering Adhesives:

  • LOCTITE History: Past, Present and Future
  • Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Characteristics of Machinery Adhesives
  • Common Adhesive Applications
  • Customer Case Studies
  • 1st March and 12th April 2016 – Click here to register
  • Bob Orme, Senior Technology Specialist

Click here for more information and to hear a sample clip from recent seminars.