AR you ready for a reality check?

Why increase your global footprint by flying around the globe when a project can be managed from a desk, at home or in the office using a high-tech headset? Augmented reality (AR) plays an important role in the Schaeffler world. The technology makes maintenance processes more efficient and can enhance quality.

When it comes to replacing highly stressed rolling bearings, Schaeffler’s maintenance specialists are required all around the world - whether it be in the engine room of a large container ship in the Indian Ocean or perhaps in the London Eye Ferris wheel.

In order to provide help faster and more directly, the mounting experts, in addition to on-site support, have increasingly been relying on augmented reality (AR). They set up a virtual on-site scenario by means of data glasses and computers. For remote support in real time, customers can borrow a HoloLens AR headset and a connected Schaeffler fitter guides the local worker in performing the installation on the object via a secure data connection.

Schaeffler’s Virtual Fitter program offers a range of benefits: less downtime during maintenance and increased productivity. If no external personnel need to travel to the site, customers save on expenses and the carbon footprint is reduced. Even in more challenging conditions such as those during the Covid crisis, mounting jobs can be reliably accomplished.

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