Automotive Innovation Report: Gearing up for Change

The European automotive industry has been gearing up for change in recent times. With the electrification revolution in full swing, traditional carmakers are revamping their strategies to meet eco-conscious consumer demands and navigate stringent emission regulations.

Meanwhile, the ascent of autonomous vehicles, supply chain disruptions, and the ongoing semiconductor shortage have thrown some extra turns into a long, winding road.

With these shifts reshaping the market, it isn’t easy to keep a firm grip on current trends, making it difficult to get ahead of the curve. Protolabs Automotive Innovation Report: Gearing up for Change is your chance to dive into the automotive story.

Based on the insight of 150 key executives in the automotive industry, this report is a jump-start for you to gain a strategic edge in this rapidly evolving industry.

Discover from the report why:

• Automotive manufacturers are placing importance on spreading innovations across their ecosystem, with 46% identifying developing ideas in collaboration with customers and suppliers as a key strength.
• Despite 56% of automotive manufacturers believing more flexible working would be beneficial, 81% say spending at least 4 days a week on-site is optimal for innovation.
• The industry is divided on its approach to supply chain restructuring, with 51% believing that it will have a positive effect on innovation.
• Despite 66% of automotive manufacturers innovating to improve worker productivity through technology, 34% do not use cobots and have no plans to do so.

Access the report here.