Brochure provides advanced motion system solutions for Aerospace, Defence and R&D applications

Aerotech's 60 page brochure for Aerospace, Defence and Government/Educational R&D features positioning mechanics and advanced controls for manufacturing, development and test - from single-axis linear and rotary positioners, through to multi-axis, high performance sensor test equipment and azimuth/elevation positioning solutions.

Aldermaston - UK, September 2011: Aerotech's 60 page brochure covers its capability in supplying precision positioning solutions for demanding applications in Aerospace, Defence and Government/Educational R&D. The brochure features motion simulation and positioning systems for manufacturing, development and test from single-axis general purpose linear and rotary positioners, through to sub-micron, high performance multi-axis linear, rotary and azimuth/elevation gimbal based positioning solutions - complete with state-of-the-art motion and machine controls, direct-drive servomotor and air-bearing technologies. Available in hard copy or as a downloadable PDF from the website, the information resource brochure highlights how Aerotech can provide innovative motion system solutions for cutting-edge applications that include electro-optics and photonics test systems, high performance laser processing, materials testing and manufacture, scanning, target tracking, rate tables and inertial sensor calibration. Reflecting the complexity of many applications found in these leading-edge industries the brochure illustrates Aerotech's customised engineered service including vacuum (10-6 torr) and cleanroom preparation, special adapters and fixtures, and machine base and enclosure fabrication. The brochure is also available in German. A full section is dedicated to Aerotech's range of advanced motion controllers with system architectures that suit the widest range of customer needs. From the software only A3200 Digital Automation Platform, a PC based, Firewire™ interfaced system capable of controlling up to 32 axes and machine I/O with fully deterministic synchronisation, to the single axis Soloist™ integrated drive with Ethernet - the complete range combines easy-to-use functionality with the ability to solve the most complex motion and machine control applications. The brochure is the latest in a series of industry and market specific publications illustrating how Aerotech provides its customers with low cost of ownership solutions through increased speed and throughput, superior accuracy and improved reliability. In addition to Aerotech's online resource guide covering its complete range of motion and positioning control components and engineered systems capability, specific "Automation Solutions" brochures are available in hard copy of PDF for high-throughput manufacturing and test applications in Automotive, Machine Tools, Packaging, Semiconductor, Flat Panel Displays, Electronic Production and Test, Laser Processing, Medical Device Manufacture and Life Sciences.