CoCreate® Modeling Personal Edition 2.0

CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition (PE) 2.0 is perfect for engineers who need a fast, simple, and flexible 3D CAD system.

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With CoCreate Modeling PE, engineers, designers, and hobbyists who need flexibility and, expect frequent rework can choose an explicit approach to 3D design. Design data from any CAD system can easily be imported and used as the basis for a new model, as if the data were native. Take a New Approach, Risk-Free Try CoCreate Modeling PE, the world’s #1 explicit 3D CAD system today, and join a growing network of tens of thousands of users from over 100 countries who swear by this approach to innovative design. You can register, download and start creating products in minutes. Find Out If It’s Right for You Speed, flexibility and responsiveness to change make CoCreate Modeling a popular choice for leaders in product design who typically have short design cycles and frequent one-off designs. It’s also ideal for short series production runs. More than 5000 companies have embraced the CoCreate product family for over 15 years. Upgrade When You’re Ready to Grow Companies needing more 3D design power can upgrade to the full, professional version of CoCreate Modeling. You’ll find a complete set of modules delivering key capabilities, such as sheet metal, rendering, and data management, to design anything from simple projects to larger product designs. Key Benefits · Combine the simplicity of 2D with the benefits of 3D when you use this lighweight, and easy-to-learn software. Moving from 2D to 3D has never been easier · Respond to unexpected or changing requirements more frequently and much later in the development process · Import and completely edit standard 2D and 3D design data with the unparalleled interoperability of CoCreate Modeling PE · Use it as long as you like. Once you’ve registered and downloaded CoCreate Modeling PE, it’s yours to use indefinitely · Create and modify design data with cut & paste capabilities. Advanced geometry intelligence automatically recognizes features in the context of the 3D operation—even on imported geometry from other 3D CAD systems · Design either top down or bottom up, or drag-and-drop your parts and assemblies like files and folders. CoCreate Modeling PE has a single environment for designing within the context of the product assembly. CoCreate Modeling PE customers don’t just build parts or assemblies; they build real products Features and Specifications An Explicit Design Approach · Work with complete assembly, solid, surface and wireframe 3D modeling · Create and edit work with direct cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop techniques · Modify easily with tools like mirror, move by box, stretch and scale · Explore concepts and variations using an explicit approach so you can arrive at your best designs quickly Part Design · Create parts using 2D profiles and imported 3D design data · Add additional features with standard machining options: Turn, Extrude, Mill, Punch and Stamp · Use variable and constant blend and chamfer options · Quickly add modifications with shell and taper options Assembly Handling · Create assemblies with up to 60 unique parts · Share parts/assemblies, improve performance, speed up modifications, and manage unique part count · Parts and assemblies act like files and folders for easy assembly management · Choose from browser–or geometry-based assembly management operations · Quickly find problems using automatic clash analysis Surfacing · Create sculptured shapes · Add sweep, loft and helix shapes · Define 3D curves in space, interactively or by function Associative Drawing Creation · Create standard, compliant 2D drawings from 3D models with a few simple menu picks · Automatically update your associative 2D drawing based on the 3D design changes in associated 2D drawings Data Exchange · Use imported designs (3D or 2D) as if they were native CoCreate Modeling data · Import IGES 2D and Autodesk® DWG and DXF · Import STEP and IGES 3D · Publish VRML and STL · Take advantage of automatic integrity model check and repair Flexible Installation, Licensing Choices, and Getting Started Resources · Deploy with a downloadable installation package · Register CoCreate Modeling PE on a home and office PC · Work up to 72 hours without an active Internet connection · Learn from self-paced materials, including Quickstart projects, tutorials, Tips and Tricks, detailed help, and FAQs · Download free sample models created by other users · Ask questions at the online discussion forum · Find out about free local and online seminars, plus special offers Prerequisites Active Internet connection required to run software every 72 hours System Requirements Supported operating systems: · Windows Vista™ 32-bit Editions of Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, and Home Premium · Windows® 2000™ SP4 · Windows® XP™ Home · Windows® XP™ Professional