Demand more from your colour sensor

Almost all industries have a requirement to monitor and control colour in their manufacturing process. Colour sensors from Micro-Epsilon measure the colour of an object surface in true colour: L*a*b, RGB-I and DIN 99 values, unlike other colour sensor currently available, ΔΕ 0.5 enables users to solve applications that where not previously possible.

Industrial applications for colour sensors High demands are placed on colour sensors in industrial automation. The most important requirements include insensitivity to ambient light, little or no temperature and ageing drift, a long service life of the white light source, simple configuration and compact designs. Since every visible object reflects light, colour is used in automation technology as a characteristic for evaluating the object. This leads to a large number of possible applications. Sorting by means of colour, colour examinations during incoming goods inspection, monitoring colour values during painting, ink and print mark detection, testing of luminous objects (LEDs) on the basis of intensity and colour, and surface examinations are just a few examples of the many uses for colour sensors. High accuracy, high speed, true colour L*A*B and CIE measurement sensors offer: • ΔΕ 0.01 • Online colour measurement up to 2kHz • Automation & quality control • Variety of sensor head forms for different surface types • Universal colour sensors with optical fibres • Software configuration tool included • Simple and fast set up. Additionally, an 'Adaptive Learn' teach-in function allows a greater variation of colour difference to be accepted by the sensor, which prevents false triggering, usually associated with lower accuracy sensors. Inline colour measurement Inline colour measurement is now possible with the colorCONTROL ACS 7000 colour measurement system. The system is a high speed, true colour measurement system which identifies colours in the XYZ; L*a*b*; L* u* v*; RGB measurement definitions (user selectable). Colour Sensors with optical fibres Colour Sensors with optical fibres, LT series colour sensors have been designed to be modular in their construction so that many different optical fibres can be selected for use with the controller. This allows the ability to measure many different targets over a wide working range, (upto 100mm) and have small 'spot sizes' to as low as 0.5mm. Measurement rates are upto 15KHz. Colour sensors with Integrated Optics and illumination The OT series colour sensors have integrated optics and illumination. The sensor automatically illuminates the surface with white light and records the reflected colour values in RGB-I. With ΔΕ values of 0.5, the sensors are more accurate to colour variation than the human eye! Multi Channel Colour sensors for LED colour and intensity The colorCONTROL MFA series colour sensor systems has been design to inspect multiple objects for colour and intensity variation. A large area of application has been the monitoring of LED light arrays and user panels in the white goods industry. Contact us for a quote or for more information via: Email: Telephone: 0151 355 6070 Visit: