driven 1/14: Exhilarating speed – Man and machine at their limits

The newest edition of driven, the maxon motor magazine, is available now. Join Formula Renault 3.5 driver Nico Müller on the racing track. Take a seat in the cockpit with him and learn more about why maxon's DC motors are important for fast laps. The magazine is available for free as an app for tablets and as a print version.

The latest edition of driven, the maxon motor magazine, focuses on the automotive industry. Read how the Formula Renault 3.5 competitors test their limits to achieve faster lap times and learn why maxon's drive technology plays an important role in the 530 hp engines and our safety on the road. Another question that "driven" investigates is whether the majority of autonomous cars will soon be powered electrically. In his guest article, Swiss historian Patrick J. Gyger writes about one of humankind's age-old fascinations – flying cars. Additionally, get an insight into a spectacular maxon motor project, aiming to create brushless DC motors for use on Venus, where temperatures can reach up to 470 °C. 'driven – the maxon motor magazine' is published twice a year, for iPad and Android tablet PCs. It is available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is now also available as a print version. Order your personal copy now. You can find more information about "driven" at: The big Space spring clean The European Conference on Space Debris recently highlighted an urgent need to start removing redundant objects out of orbit. Unless items are eliminated, collisions will be inevitable and space will become extremely hazardous. maxon motor uk has been working with the Surrey Space Centre (SSC) on their experimental solution. Find out more on the maxon motor uk website.