From motion control components to complete enabling machine automation solutions

LG Motion Limited is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor; delivering enabling motion control and automation solutions to OEMs and research organisations through its comprehensive range of motion control components, mechatronics sub-assemblies and complete motion systems.

LG Motion Limited's motion control and automation systems design and manufacturing service fulfils a growing trend by OEMs, end users and major research facilities to outsource key elements of automated processes to specialist suppliers. With high precision mechanical and electronic motion and machine control synchronisation tasks taken care of, organisations large and small can concentrate their development efforts on their own area of technological expertise. These important 'enabling technology' solutions reduce industrial product development or research programme timescales and associated costs with the assurance that difficult processes such as micropositioning and precise machine coordination are designed and delivered fully tested to their own exacting specifications. LG Motion's level of expertise and capability supports high-tech and advanced applications within manufacturing and research with state-of-the-art automated positioning solutions that improve productivity, increase manufacturing flexibility, significantly raise throughput rates and guarantee higher quality results. LG Motion's customers cover a full spectrum of production, inspection and test equipment manufacturers across industries ranging from packaging machinery to electronics and semiconductor as well as contributing innovative micro-positioning solutions for research organisations. Typically combining precision mechanical assemblies, precision motors, control electronics and software as complete mechatronics assemblies, applications are as diverse as laser scanner positioning systems for the steel industry to high speed automated print systems for medical devices, and from ultrasonic test tanks for NDT work to to moving cameras in the film industry.