Grilamid TR HT 170 makes your kitchen transparent

EMS-GRIVORY has developed a permanently transparent high-performance polymer for use in boiling water. This product is heat resistant, easy to pro-cess, dishwasher safe and contains no Bisphenol A (BPA). The sophisticated property profile makes Grilamid TR HT 170 first choice for every transparent application in the kitchen.

Increased requirements for household appliances

In many households, a variety of kitchen appliances are used which make the cooking process visible. An increase in the number of functions of these appliances also involves an increase in the requirements on the polymer materials used. Modern kitchen machines can do more than just mixing and cooking, they can also be used for roasting or frying, for example.

Many transparent polymers cannot withstand the high temperatures above 80° C. The components become deformed and the important sealing function is no longer possible, making the appliance either inefficient or useless. If the polymers are not permanently resistant to temperature and/or contact with media used, they can become discoloured or stress cracking occurs. This makes originally transparent parts become milky and unusable in the medium and long term.

Enjoy cooking with Grilamid TR HT 170

Grilamid TR HT 170 is a new product from EMS-GRIVORY's polymer kitchen, which has been developed precisely for this kind of application. The transparent high-performance polymer has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 170°C and can, therefore, withstand the highest temperatures involved in roasting, cooking and frying. In addition, the product is clear as glass but can also be made in any colour required. Grilamid TR HT 170 is dishwasher safe, contains no BPA and is resistant to the highest requirements involved in cooking.

Along with uses in steamers and kitchen equipment, this product is also suitable for coffee bean funnels and foaming containers of coffee machines as well as for baby-food steamers and baby-bottle sterilizers. Other applications include sight windows for kettles, filter cups for hot water or food mixers with heating functions. There are unlimited possible uses for Grilamid TR HT 170 in household applications.