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As we draw closer to the end of 2023, we wanted to take the time to reflect on a handful (12 to be exact) of innovative projects we’ve been a part of that are really driving industry change and paving the way in their respective industries.

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Small Robot Company

Robotics and Agriculture | Injection Moulding

SSD Mount and Steering Actuator Cap for the Tom V4 – a scanning robot, which scans crops and identifies individual plants, gathering data on plant and weed distribution to determine the optimum treatment path.

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Sports & Leisure and Medical | Injection Moulding

PolarCap® System – medical cooling in the sports and athletics area. It aims to quickly lower the brain temperature in a controlled manner following head trauma directly at the sports facility where the injury occurred.

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General Drones

Aerospace and Marine | 3D Printing – Multi Jet Fusion and Selective Laser Sintering

Auxdron LFG – rescue drone used for responding to emergencies at sea to reduce rescue times.

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Art | Injection Moulding

ZERMATTVIEW – a modern interpretation of the Matterhorn as it appears from the village of Zermatt.

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Salta Lure

Fishing and Recreational | 3D Printing – Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Selective Laser Sintering

Hybrid-Head Skirted Trolling Lure and FRED (Fast Running Extremely Deep) Lure – produced to bridge a gap in the market for faster-running and deeper-diving lures.

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Pansatori GmbH

Medical | 3D Printing – Direct Metal Laser Sintering and Injection Moulding

ForgTin - a wearable device that limits the effects of tinnitus by applying pressure to points around the ear.

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Sports & Leisure | Injection Moulding

XSEED (Smart Shin Pads) – smart shin pads for football data collection. Monitors, analyses and shares a footballer’s performance data through a dedicated app and dashboard.

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Energy | Injection Moulding

PRISMTM – an asset-level energy monitor that is a vital and intelligent energy-saving tool. It gives customers the power to save a minimum of 20% on energy bills, helps adjust the user’s mindset and drives long-term behavioural change around energy consumption.

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Automotive | CNC Machining

Complex Aluminium Parts for Prototyping – concept and design validation and extensive endurance safety tests for developing a new generation of high-voltage heaters compatible with the 800-volt architecture in fast-charging electric vehicles.

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Medical | Injection Moulding

Blood Sampling Tool – uses a large number of tiny, hollow, silicone microneedles on a chip, which then, with the help of a vacuum, draws the liquid from a patient. The microneedles are so small that they only penetrate the outermost layers of skin. This means it doesn’t hurt, feeling merely as if touching a Velcro strap.

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Xinix Ai

Robotics | 3D Printing – Selective Laser Sintering

Xinix Ai Robot – all-terrain robot that explores tropical rainforests and identifies species living in them.

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Jewellery | Injection Moulding

“Reach for Change” Bracelet – produced using one-of-a-kind sustainable beads repurposed from used Lyfecycle cups, an adjustable cord from recovered plastic bottles and a recycled fair trade silver emblem, the Bracelet is made to raise awareness and provoke global change in response to the plastic pollution issue.

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