Innovative closed-loop integrated stepper motor technology: AMP's Integrated StepSERVO™ is available from Mclennan

Integrated stepper and servo motors with built in drives and motion controls are becoming more commonly specified for a wide range of automated machine applications. Now Applied Motion Products (AMP), represented in the UK and Europe by Mclennan, has evolved this concept with its new StepSERVO™ closed-loop stepper technology.

AMP’s series StepSERVO offers cost-effective integrated stepper motors in NEMA 17 and 23 sized packages that integrate a microstepping motor and drive with a feedback encoder and a sophisticated controller for high accuracy and dynamic closed-loop servo feedback - offering exceptional throughput and precision benefits for applications such as packaging and labelling, automated test, automated parts handling, positioning stages and life sciences.

The all-in-one economic solution has multi-function control capability that includes individual pulse or analogue control (for example from third party controllers), as well as a choice of built-in Modbus/RTU or CANopen multi-axis networking, or for pre-programmed stand-alone operation using AMP’s ‘Q’ motion software.

The Step-Servo closed loop capability provides high accuracy position and velocity control for the most demanding applications with robust servo loops that tolerate wide fluctuation in load inertia and frictional loading. Highly precise positioning to within +/- one encoder count is achievable. Using a high resolution 20,000 counts/rev encoder, this equates to 0.018°.Highly developed servo control algorithms ensure the drive stage uses only the current required by the application for maximum efficiency. At stand-still, the current can reach almost zero for extremely low heat operation and because it operates in full servo mode, all the available torque can be used to provide as much as 50% more torque in many applications, often eliminating the need for gear reduction. A torque boost function is also available to deliver as much as 50% more torque for fast dynamic response – perfect for short and quick moves.

Complete specifications and option details are available in a new 12-page brochure, available as a PDF download or available on request from Mclennnan at or
A new White Paper ‘Comparing Open Loop and StepSERVO™ Closed Loop Stepper Systems’ is also available from McLennan.