KEYENCE to showcase range of quick inspection and analysis devices at EDS 2018

With the Engineering Design Show 2018 just days away, KEYENCE is preparing to showcase its range of recently released devices that facilitate the precision measurement and surface inspection of small batches and rapid prototypes. Being able to rapidly perform structural analysis on a part can be critical when identifying flaws in the design prior to or even during mass production and this latest generation of KEYENCE devices is geared towards helping design engineers to catch defects early.

The newly released IM-7000 Series Instant Measurement System allows precision dimension checks to be carried out without any extensive programming. For a prototype designed based on a drawing, product dimensions can be imported along with tolerances from CAD files on to the device to rapidly create a measurement programme.

Where no CAD files are available, the built-in Automatic Measurement function enables users to simply place a part on the stage and have the machine search for and measure a customisable range of dimension types.

In either instance, measurement can be performed rapidly versus more manual conventional optical comparators and shadowgraphs, with up to 99 points of measurement possible with a single button push. Not only this, but built-in data management features allow measurement and the recording of results to be performed simultaneously. Reports can be automatically generated and exported, saving valuable time during the prototyping process.

Another new release from KEYENCE, the VHX-6000 Digital Microscope, gives Design Engineers the tools to easily inspect early prototypes or samples for visual or surface defects and rapidly convey the results in visual reports.

The VHX-6000 can be used to generate a 3D topography of the target and measure specified locations to micron accuracy. Meanwhile, unique lighting features help to detect and highlight the presence of surface scratches, defects and foreign materials. A single Windows-based integrated suite, the VHX-6000 then allows all images and data captured to be rapidly compiled as a report and emailed to colleagues and customers.

Both devices will be on show at The Engineering Design Show 2018 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from the 17th – 18th October. Alternatively, to find out more about KEYENCE and our latest product releases, please contact us or visit the website using the details below:



Telephone: 01908 696 900